What’s Fairythimbles all about?

We are all about engaging the community through our passion for learning. We offer a FUN, modern approach to all of our classes. Hands on learning for all ages. We provide a wide variety of academic instructional classes.  Pick a class or two for you or your child(ren).   Fairythimbles is an all inclusive space. We are a small learning  studio with a BIG heart and open arms! 



HELLO!  I’m Flo! 

I’m a 35 years old mother of 4 kids and living in Palm Bay, FL with my husband Mike. Born and raised in the Philippines. I love to sew, make, DIY, plan events and share! So teaching at Fairythimbles is the perfect job for me!


I started Fairythimbles with the help of my mother. It all started as a way to keep my mother busy, bring extra money to pay for my kids extra curricular activities. And, 3 years later it has gone from my formal living room to a 400 sq.ft office space and now a 1,100 sq.ft commercial space! I slowly invited other homeschool mom friends to come and teach a class for homeschoolers. It quickly morphed into a place for learning more than just sewing. A one stop resource for our fellow homeschoolers!

Most of all, I love to meet people! And, I love to talk about creative life and listen to my students stories!

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