Face Mask Tutorial


Registration is currently closed for Sewing 101. We will open back up again on July 1. 

Make sure to check back again for open enrollment. 


Flo Mandus
Owner and Operator of Fairythimbles 


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What is happening?

Hello Friends, 

   We continue  serve  our community. We haven’t stopped even when had to closed our brick and mortar on March 13th!  We started offering free art and sewing tutorial on Facebook.  My family, volunteers and I started sewing face mask. We have donated over 250 for our essential workers. We would love to thank everyone who have continuously supported us by purchasing a face mask, fabric, art kits and so much more! We want you to know we appreciate it. 

What has happened over the last few weeks?  Well… a lot! 

I was interviewed   on Spectrum 13  Florida on a Tankful.  You can read more about it on their website 

Photo taken by my husband, Mike. HereI am in a small corner in my bedroom. A craft area I had to make right after the stay at home order.

One more exciting thing was the interview from Everything Brevard magazine. Here is a photo of the magazine and you can read the interview , Read here.

So, what now? 

A lot of new things happening in our studio! We have been busy with our Creative Art kits to go, virtual paint parties and have added  a limited selection of fabrics and notions. We will continue to add things such as home decor. We offer a next business day  ( to same day pick up) at our studio. We also sell them on our etsy shop for shipping. 

When we open back up our doors – all sewing and art students can resume back with make up classes. We will follow our hurricane plan when time comes that we are back in the studio. If you wish to participate in our virtual sewing class this summer – let me know! And, unfortunately we are not opening registration for fall. We are taking this month to month. 


Kids art project during our free tutorial
Getting ready for a virtual paint party
This was a total of 101 face mask sewn for essential employees!

 We also offer virtual birthday parties or kits for you to host your own party! Watch our pre-recorded videos. We will be at the studio during the following hours! We will continue to follow a no contact porch pick up.  The studio will be closed to the public. All sales must be done on our website. You are also welcome to place an order over the phone. I usually answer all calls starting at 10 am – 5 pm. 

Following  CDC recommendations we have made the decision to cancel our 5th summer camp program. But, do not worry! We are offering our Creative Child Virtual Camp! We are announcing this really soon!  This will allow you to pick and choose the projects. Join us live using  a private meeting room. If you can’t make it or need to go over the class – then you can watch the recorded video. Students can always call me or video chat for any questions. 

Our studio is a little bit different. We do not just offer classes, workshops and parties. We are also a retail business. We will continue to serve you online! And offer a no contact, porch pick up service. 

We look forward to the day we are all back in the studio or at your favorite restaurant!  We want you to know that we appreciate all the emails and referrals! We really do! 

Thank you! 

Flo Mandus

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Virtual Homeschool 101


We invite you to join us for our free Virtual homeschool 101! It will be held on Monday, May 25th from 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm. Have your questions ready! 

A little about me – We are a homeschooling family and going on our 9th year now. I am happy to talk and share details with you! I will have a list of available co-ops, hybrid schools,curriculum and so much more! 

Register now to reserve a link to our meeting room and reserve your spot! 

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Our Online Art Adventures

How are you doing? 

So Since we are all spending more time at home, I am taking the opportunity to try out free live tutorials. We plan to expand this option as the future continues. 

My girls  will ask me with excitement every  morning if we are going live  and what we will do for the day.  This has been the highlights of our day since we’ve been staying home. Entertaining others has been keeping us entertained as well. 

It  brings so much joy to see the members artwork! The kids and moms participate!  

Our first one was an Octopus Drawing and watercolor project. Below you can see some of the projects done by our members. 

members artwork
members artwork
members artwork

It’s always nice to see how everyone’s artwork comes out. 

members artwork
members artwork

Here’s a few of what we’ve done from a Wacky Hair Day, clay tutorial by Jessica, Toucan watercolor and the beetles. 

members artwork
members artwork
By Jessica B,
Sam ( age 10)

*This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a small commission at no cost to you..

Here is a list of basic supplies we use for our projects. 

Mixed Media Pad
Black Marker 
Chalk Pastel  
Tempera or acrylic paint 
Oil Pastel (optional) 

We have done a Live video as well on our Facebook page for a Leprachaun! My girls and  I had a lot of fun drawing it! It was also nice to see other kids finished project! 

So for our first week going live we did a total of 6 tutorials. We had a lot of fun and look forward to doing more!  If you are interested in joining us during our live free tutorials, join our Fairythimbles Makers Group in Facebook. In this group you can share photos of your kids with their projects. Ask questions in regards to the current projects. And, easily find the tutorials.  We have also done a few live videos on our Facebook page. Be sure to follow us! 

I wanted to share this really neat set up by one of the families that draws along with us.  

Photo Courtesy by Judy Castillo
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Fairythimbles Maker Group

Hello Friends, 

I am taking the opportunity during these recent events with the virus to start a free group for families. These involve activities you can do around the house with supplies you already have at home with your child. We can learn from each other about at home activities. 

I will also have some fun activities for the moms! All is done using a private Facebook Group. Now, if you do not have a Facebook account – that is fine! Subscribe to our mailing list and we will send you link to access the live class.  We will have virtual paint party! 

Also, if you are interested, I am taking the opportunity to expand my business to include virtual activities from my business Fairythimbles – sewing and art courses. We will have the option to mail you the art supplies to make it easier for you and your children. All you need is to watch the virtual course. If you are interested, keep following my business. 

Here is our Facebook Group – Fairythimbles Makers Group. Join us! 

I am sure you have the following items on hand. If not, you can order them on amazon.

Art Supplies you need.. 

* Crayola Crayons 
*Mixed Media Pad 
*Sharpie Marker 
*Oil Pastel (optional)
*Mixed Media Paper
 *Tempera Paint  
* Acrylic Paint (optional) 
  – Americana Acrylic  or Apple Barrel 
*Chalk Pastel  
*Colored Construction Paper (optional)  
* And an excited artist! 

*This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a small commission at no cost to you, if you purchase using the link. *  

Interested in learning to Sew? 

We will dive into hand sewing and machine sewing! Again, we will also do hand sewing. No need for machines. 

Here’s what you need… 

* Sewing Machine , now if you are looking to purchase something to get you started. This is what I would recommend and it doesn’t cost a lot. Brother RLX3817 Full Size Sewing Machine, White (Renewed)
* Hand Sewing Needles  
* Sewing Thread  
*Embroidery Floss (optional) 
* Scissor
Fabric or some old sheets 
* pencil and ruler for measuring
* Pins 
*seam ripper 

We are also going to do some fun challenges for the kids. We are going to use lego’s and cardboard boxes. As a homeschool mom – this is something we have done in group setting. It was always fun and interesting to see the kids projects. 

Our First Live!

We are starting our first live meet up with some fun Octopus Line Drawing.  

When: March 15, 2020 
Time: Sunday,  4 pm 
Where: online – Facebook Group. 

What you would need: 
Mixed media paper or watercolor  paper 
Black waterproof marker 

What you’ll learn:
How to draw through observation. How to draw to show perspective and form and how to add texture with stippling and cross-hatching. 

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Machine Parts and it’s Functions

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Interested in learning to sew?

Are you interested in learning how to sew? But, you are uncertain? That is a totally normal feeling! And, we don’t want you to spend money  buying all the materials and tools to get started.  We don’t want this to be another item that will sit in the closet. This is why we offer classes at our studio and let students use our machine. 

This day we are lucky to have access to thousands of youtube videos! A lot of people sharing their knowledge online. Now, if you prefer to learn having someone right next to you. Then, going to a local sewing studio may be the best fit for you! 

Ready to learn to sew now? 

What do you need to do? First, figure out if you want to take some classes online or in person. If you have tried online lessons and it hasn’t worked out. Then, find the nearest studio for you!  Are you going to purchase a new machine or use grandma’s machine? I have nothing against old machines. In fact they are amazing and heavy duty! However, for someone learning to sew or a younger student. I wouldn’t recommend starting on an old one.  In our studio we use a basic sewing machine, nothing fancy and not too complicated. We just want it to allow the students to do the basics. It is not too loud – which means not too scary for the little ones! It is not to expensive that if you or your child decide to finally purchase a machine and want the same model. it wouldn’t be too expensive. If you have the extra budget then go ahead and splurge on a nice one! 

An introduction to basic sewing machine parts and their functions. In this video I used the Brother Project Runway sewing machine


Here are a few basic notions you can use to start out with…

  1. Sewing Machine –  We have a few we can recommend. Here is the first one  
            Brother Sewing Machine, XM2701 
            Brother Sewing and Quilting Machine, CS6000i              
            SINGER | Heavy Duty 4452 Sewing Machine 
2.  Bobbins and Tape Measurement 
3.  Seam Ripper 
4. Scissors
5. Gutterman Thread
6. Fabric –  you can start with any fabric you have at home. You can start with an old sheet or pillow case! 

Adult Beginners Class

A 4 week class, meets once a week for two hour session.
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Hobbies, Why is it important?

Hobbies, Why is it important?

Why do you need a hobby? Hobbies make us a happier person! Hobbies are important for both adults and kids. As adults, we may say who has time for hobbies? Everyone seems so busy! Between running the kids to dance and piano lessons, working and keeping a tidy house. Who has time for  a hobby?

Various things contribute to this, but many of us, we love to say we are busy, but simply isn’t true. Instead, we waste time, creating the illusion of busyness. We spend hours on end browsing social media such as Facebook, twitter, email, binge watching on Netflix or amazon – pick one! I am guilty of it as well! We all are!  Imagine if you can use that time and do something fun!

Having a hobby that we enjoy brings us joy and enriches our lives! It is a great stress relief! A hobby ignites your creativity! A hobby opens your mind to new possibilities. If your looking for social interactions – then definitely pick a hobby! Sign up for a class at a local studio. A hobby opens up doors to meet new people. Hobbies encourages you to interact with people in ways that doesn’t give you social anxiety. Hobbies  gives us something fun to do. We are very fortunate to have so many different options! The best way to cultivate a hobby is to try something new. The opportunity to learn a new skill is always exciting for me!  We live in a wonderful world that is full of exciting activities that we can explore and make us our own. We have the world wide web as well to explore and learn from!  There are too many choices – you just have to find which one you love! If learning online using Youtube videos doesn’t work for you – then check out local studios! I think there is a studio for each and every hobby you can imagine! Oh! And, a hobby allows for additional income. 

Why is it important for kids to have a hobby?

Kids are busy learning specific materials during their academic year.  Learning skills through a hobby or extracurricular activity is important in a different way.

As a child,  you see everything as something new. Kids are always exploring who they are, what they enjoy, and what they are good at. Hobbies provide an excellent opportunity for kids to learn a new skill and develop in ways academic pursuits can’t always provide.

If your child shows even a small interest in something – jump on it! Find ways to help them! Encourage them but never force it on them! They may stick with it for years or may only last a few weeks. You never know until you allow them to explore and learn.

This holiday season encourage someone to develop a hobby.  Give them the gift of learning /experience this new year! Ask them what they are interested in learning. Help them by giving them the tools and assistance to develop that new hobby! This will definitely be a gift that they will remember and treasure! Call your local studios and ask them if they offer gift certificates!

And, if you are in Brevard or nearby town  and interested in sewing or taking art classes! Call us! We have gift certificates!


Book your party now!
No reservations needed!
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The benefits of learning to sew…

The benefits of learning to sew...

I have always love to make my own things as a child. I grew up watching my mother sew. She would either sew things for us or for her clients.

We make learning to sew fun! My mother and I love teaching kids and adults!

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There are so many benefits in learning to sew. Besides the obvious reason of being able to sew a button, hem a pants or mend a clothing, kids are learning the following things:

1. Promotes consumer awareness – yes, it may be a heavy topic especially for the little ones. But, I believe it’s very important in today’s society. They learn how things are made. It’s so easy to go to the store and buy things when it’s broken. But, sewing teaches a child of the process and appreciate things. They learn to value things and actually will fix things before thinking of replacing it.

2. Fine motor skills. Develop and mature their finger dexterity.

3. Find and build their confidence.

4. Problem solving – kids learn to troubleshoot their machine or project.

5. Brings math to life! All those seam allowance – fractions and measurements….

6. Learn a copious amounts of patience!

7. Meet new friends with the same interest!

8. I almost forgot! Your child is not just learning to sew but they’re using their IMAGINATION! I have seen students come up with ideas that are so beautiful and amazing!

 There are so many benefits to sewing!

Have I convinced you now? 

And, now what should you do? If you know how to sew and have the patience to teach your child, then go for it! Introduce your love for sewing and creating things to your child. Use this time as a way to bond and build memories with your little one.  

If you do not know how to sew, I recommend checking your local hobby store ( if we are far from you! 😉 ) But, if we are – feel free to call us! We are happy to assist! 

Register for a sewing class now!

Thank you! 

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