Craft for a Cause

Crafting for a Cause is our Passion!
We are all about our community! We host fundraisers on Sunday afternoons, when our studio would usually be close, for “educational, scientific or charitable ” 501C-3 non-profit organizations which are consistent with our community values of caring for the environment, serving the poor, healing the sick, educating children, protecting animals, embracing diversity, etc. 

We are available on Sunday at 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm or 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm. Classes are two hours long.  We limit fundraisers to one per year per non-profit organization. 

How it works
We charge for a class based on projects and organization can add $10 or $15 on top of the amount. You invite your contacts and advertise your event. We keep our class fee  per ticket sale to cover our overhead (staff, supplies, etc.) and we write the organization a donation check at the end of the class for the difference per ticket. Our venue has room for  30  painters, 40 crafters (sewing and craft). You can host a bigger fundraiser event at your own location. The harder your group works to advertise the fundraiser, the more opportunity there is to raise money! 

We reserve the right to choose organizations for fundraising which best meet our business’s values and brand. 

Organizations we fundraise for must be a 501C-3 non-profit organization (community -based rather than political or religious) in good standing with the state of Florida, and share our equal opportunity philosophy – the organization must not discriminate in any way against those they help on the basis of gender, color, race, national origin, native language, religion and etc. 

We are not able to host a fundraiser for individual’s cause. If you have eligibility question, please email . 

You  can choose the painting from our gallery. We suggest something popular with most customers (we can suggest some for you).  We will gladly help you choose your painting – just ask! We can only provide you painting that are either original to our studio or we have copyright license. We can create something special for your group too. 

You can choose your own sewing project. We suggest something that is useful for your non-profit.  You can have your guest choose to keep their project or donate it to the cause. No sewing experience needed, we will do a short quick intro and help everyone get started. We have created a sew for a cause event as an assembly line – a group of people do a specific task. We can also do it where each guest work on their own machine. We provide the machines or your guest can bring their own machine. 

Planning Purposes
We recommend at least 6 – 8 weeks out as that gives you plenty of time to promote it. We will provide you with the link for your guest to register on-line through our website. A good goal – you should have at least 15 people signed up two weeks before the event. 

Vouchers or previously gift certificates – Since our studio does not make money on vouchers, they do not count toward your class fundraising total, but they do help fill the seats to make it a lively event. 

Food and Beverages
Anyone ages 21 and up are allowed to bring their own drinks. We do not sell any food or drink items. However, we have restaurants near us that you can order from!

The Day of the Event
Please arrive 30 minutes early to greet your guest. We have a card table for your use – please ask for it when you arrive. A representative is allowed to speak for no more than 2-3 minutes at the break to explain what the non-profit does and why people should donate. 

We will tally things up by the end of the class. Your organization will get the credit for the fundraising share of all full price tickets sold. A “hat” or basket can be passed along for cash donations during the class; we will combine all the same-day cash donations with your fundraising amount from admissions, and issue a check made out to the non-profit itself. That proof needs to include the 501C3 number for the organization. 

Please remember the class is 2 hours long and all but a few minutes will be dedicated to the art class. If you want your guests to have additional time to mingle, they are encouraged to arrive when doors open, 30 minutes prior to the class start time. Additional studio time before or after the class can be negotiated for a fee. 

After your event
Send out a thank you email to your attendees for attending and telling those who could not make it, that they can still donate to  your organization. Provide a donor page of your website link in the email. 

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to give back to the community! Please let us know if you have any further questions! Contact us.