Fairythimbles Paint Party

Below are paint party choice that are available right now. We have more we can send you. If you have found something online that you would like to paint, please keep in mind that we cannot copy another artist /copyrighted images. We can create something almost similar but not exact image. Our paintings are either original to our studio or have obtain legal permission from the artist. We have partnered with a select artist that we love and admire.  

To book a party, please select a date and time that will work for you and your friends. Email us with the best date and time ( at least 3 possible dates). Select the painting of your choice.  You will need a minimum of 4 to book a painting party at our studio and a party of 10 for us to travel outside of our studio. You must provide your own chair and tables for parties at your location. We take care of the rest. 

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