Our Online Art Adventures

Our Online Art Adventures

How are you doing? 

So Since we are all spending more time at home, I am taking the opportunity to try out free live tutorials. We plan to expand this option as the future continues. 

My girls  will ask me with excitement every  morning if we are going live  and what we will do for the day.  This has been the highlights of our day since we’ve been staying home. Entertaining others has been keeping us entertained as well. 

It  brings so much joy to see the members artwork! The kids and moms participate!  

Our first one was an Octopus Drawing and watercolor project. Below you can see some of the projects done by our members. 

members artwork
members artwork
members artwork

It’s always nice to see how everyone’s artwork comes out. 

members artwork
members artwork

Here’s a few of what we’ve done from a Wacky Hair Day, clay tutorial by Jessica, Toucan watercolor and the beetles. 

members artwork
members artwork
By Jessica B,
Sam ( age 10)

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Here is a list of basic supplies we use for our projects. 

Mixed Media Pad
Black Marker 
Chalk Pastel  
Tempera or acrylic paint 
Oil Pastel (optional) 

We have done a Live video as well on our Facebook page for a Leprachaun! My girls and  I had a lot of fun drawing it! It was also nice to see other kids finished project! 

So for our first week going live we did a total of 6 tutorials. We had a lot of fun and look forward to doing more!  If you are interested in joining us during our live free tutorials, join our Fairythimbles Makers Group in Facebook. In this group you can share photos of your kids with their projects. Ask questions in regards to the current projects. And, easily find the tutorials.  We have also done a few live videos on our Facebook page. Be sure to follow us! 

I wanted to share this really neat set up by one of the families that draws along with us.  

Photo Courtesy by Judy Castillo
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