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This class is geared for K – 2nd grade students. This is a 6 week class with between 5 – 6  projects.   Form is the element of art referring to the three – dimensional shapes and fits in well with the order of elements. Students will begin with forming balls with air dry clay and learning how to create basic pinch pots, which opens the door to making all sorts of different clay projects later on. Students take the concept of creating the pinch pots to a slightly more advanced level by turning their pot into an adorable little animal by adding ears, a tail, and other details. They also will learn about adding highlights to a still life along with an artist study on Paul Cezanne in the Cezanne Painted pears project. Students will use chalk pastel to use value in order to create a drawing that appears to be three- dimensional in one of our class.

Start Date – January 10th
4:00 pm – 4:45 pm
(class usually finish on time or may run until 5pm)
COST – $55 (6 weeks)

Maximum of 8 students

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Refund Policy: There are NO refunds, deductions, or credits granted for any missed classes, camps or workshops. Make- up classes may be available for certain activities.

Student Responsibility:  We strive to teach and share to the students the beauty of sewing (or other classes). At the same time we want them to respect their learning space, instructors, fellow classmates & supplies. If there are any issues with a student’s behavior we will contact the parent|guardian and discuss the situation. Students are responsible for assisting in cleaning at the end of class, as well as putting their projects and equipment away.


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