SAT/ACT Prep Course


Why do some students do better on standardized test like the SAT/ ACT ? Because the test is standardize, not your student!

Learn the tricks. Learn your style. Learn what the test is telling colleges.

This  class is not a typical subject tutoring but a strategy and opportunity planning. We look specifically at the types of questions they could have the most gain and work on those. The sessions also focus on higher order thinking, adults write the test so let’s figure out what those adults are wanting. Word choice and context, background and experience all factor into the SAT and ACT.


Wednesday, 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm 
Start date: October 10th
No class on October 31st
( 8 weeks/ 1.5 hrs once a week)
Instructor: Tamara
Minimum 3 students, Max 12 students


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Refund Policy: 
There are NO refunds, deductions, or credits granted for any missed classes, camps or workshops. Make- up classes may be available for certain activities.

Student Responsibility:  We strive to teach and share to the students the beauty of sewing (or other classes). At the same time we want them to respect their learning space, instructors, fellow classmates & supplies. If there are any issues with a student’s behavior we will contact the parent|guardian and discuss the situation. Students are responsible for assisting in cleaning at the end of class, as well as putting their projects and equipment away.


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