Scarecrow Fence Fence DIY kit instructions.

Going Live on 8/19 to paint the scarecrow on Facebook at 7 pm! 

Decide on the color for each piece. Do not glue them together yet. 

Once you have an idea of which pieces goes where.. You can start painting. Use the sponge  to get a smooth coating on our wood. You do not need a lot. I recommend wiping off any excess paint from the brush on your pallet paper. You want as small amount of paint. You can let it dry – and do another coat. Once it is all dry – then you can start gluing your pieces. A small dot – can go a lot with the super glue.

To use outside, seal completely with a clear poly spray.


CONGRATULATIONS!!! You can now stand back and enjoy your beautiful creation!

Take a picture and post it to our Fairythimbles Facebook Page or instagram because we’d LOVE to see it!!!