arrival time

Parents, please be considerate and arrive for class  for your child (or yourself) at least 5 to 10 minutes prior to your class. You are welcome to sit at our waiting area. Our studio hours do not allow us for extra time between classes. We teach classes, special classes, private lessons, and sewing camps back-to-back. 

We have an open studio environment –  We request parents to keep conversation at a minimum to not interrupt any classes. 

Classes are ON time.  With classes coming and going – we need to be prompt for everyone.

make up Policy

Because of the scheduling needs for the studio and our instructors, we are very limited with our make-up dates.  You or your  child(ren) can make up a class during any  of our other classes offered. Please, do check with us for space openings. Do not just attend a class without scheduling. We can’t guarantee a machine or space. Any make up class must be taken within two weeks of missed class or prior. If you missed a scheduled make up class we reserve the right to decline to reschedule.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you ( or your  child) will not be attending class to help with class planning/preparation. 

We will do our best to keep track of make up classes. You the student (or parent) , will keep track of  your  (or child(ren) ) missed classes. And, check the studio if we have any space available during our other classes. 

Refund policy

There are NO refunds, deductions, or credits granted for any missed classes, camps or workshops. Make- up classes may be available for certain activities.


Fees, Termination & Cancellation:

Class fee is due every first of the month. For other classes, payment must be made in order to reserve your space. Payment can be made by cash, check or credit card. We will send you an invoice every end of the month.

No refunds are offered for classes, workshops or camps. Cancellations received three weeks before class will be able to transfer their fees to another class or camp. Cancellations received less than 3 weeks before class starts, or no – shows, may forfeit their class fees entirely.

We require a month’s notice if you no longer wish to continue a class. A spot for your child is held whether you come or not.

 There will be a late fee charge of $10 after 10  days applied to your tuition fee.  Your fees are based on the class you registered for. There will be a $25.00 fee for returned checks.

Student Responsibility

We strive to teach and share to the students the beauty of sewing. At the same time we want them to respect their studio, instructors, supplies and fellow classmates. If there are any issues with a student’s behavior we will contact the parent/guardian and discuss the situation. Students are responsible for assisting in cleaning at the end of class, as well as putting away their projects and equipment.

Fairythimbles reserves the right to withdraw a student from lessons, for inappropriate behavior. We have  a 3 strike rule.  Due to the nature of working with machinery, Fairythimbles will not tolerate behavior deemed dangerous or harmful.

  1. First Strike : Child is spoken to regarding inappropriate behavior.
  2. Second Strike : Parent and child have a conversation with teacher and owner of Fairythimbles as to nature of inappropriate behavior and a plan is put into place to give the child a positive way to handle themselves during a lesson at our studio.
  3. Third Strike: Fairythimbles reserves the right to terminate lessons and no refund will be issued. Fairythimbles reserves the right to invite a child to return to lessons if parent/child demonstrates improved behavior.

Emergency class closing

Class will be cancelled due to bad weather warnings. We will schedule a make up class. 

Special note to parents

Your child will be learning to sew… some seams may not be a straight as you would like, but he/she will be doing their best. I will remind them – ‘measure twice – cut once!’ Believe me we are not exempt from learning from our mistakes.

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