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Registration is currently closed for Sewing 101. We will open back up again on July 1. 

Make sure to check back again for open enrollment. 


Flo Mandus
Owner and Operator of Fairythimbles 


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Lined Curtains Tutorial

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Hello Friends, 

In this blog post, I will show you how to make lined curtains for your house. You can use quilters cotton, linen, upholstery fabric. 🙂 

* This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission at no cost to you, if you purchase using the links. *

Two Fabrics – Curtain fabric and lining fabric. 
Bobby pin 
Sewing Machine


How to Calculate the Fabric you will need. 
1) You will measure the space you will need the curtains need to cover.

Example: 30 inch wide x 45 inch length space.

 2) For curtains, you will multiply the width needed by 1.5-2 to create the folds in the curtain. I usually multiply by 1.5.

Example: 30 inch x 1.5= 45 inches.

3) Divide width by 2 to create two panels.
Example 45 /2=22.5 + 1 inch. (We use a half inch seam allowance on both sides)= 23.5 inches

For Curtain Fabric: 23.5 inches
For Lining Fabric: 22.5 inches ( Lining fabric is slightly smaller than curtain fabric)


Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

4) For the length, You will have have a hem for the curtain and smaller hem for the lining. For drapes, a 4 inch hem is typical. Smaller for smaller windows.

Example: 45 inch length + 6 inches+ 1 inch seam allowance (For 3 inch heme)= 52 inch length
Lining: 45 inches+4 inches+1 inch= 50 inch length for lining



Now, you will cut out the fabric. Keep in mind if you have directional fabric… Length goes along the grainline!



Example: You will cut 2 of 23.5 inch x 52 inch Curtain fabric, 2 of 22.5 inch x 50 inch lining fabric.

Step 3
Step 4
Step 5

5) Now, You will need tabs for the curtains. Of the curtain fabric. Measure the curtain rod and how long you want the tabs to be. Approximately 5 inches for basic curtain rods.

Of Curtain fabric, cut 10 2 inch x 5 inch strips.

Now, iron the fabric. Make the hem for the curtain and lining fabric by folding the hem and pressing the hem in place. Sew.

Now, with right sides together. Sew the sides of the curtains together at ½ inch seam allowance. This will pull the curtain fabric slightly turned toward the back. Press this flat with an iron.


Now, create the straps. This is where a bobby pin comes in handy!

Sew the straps. Fold them in half with right sides together. Sew at 1 inch or smaller.

Cut a notch at one end of the strap just to the stitch line. Place the bobby pin on the notch as shown in Image.

Now, you will slide the bobby pin through the strap and pull. Those are the straps.

Place the straps on the curtains by folding them into a loop and sandwiching them between the fabric with right sides together. The edge of the loop should be slightly sticking out of the top of the curtains.  One at each edge, middle point, and centered between mid-points and end. Sew across the top edge of the curtains.


Now flip the curtains to right side of fabric showing. Congrats, you are done! 🙂


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Fairythimbles Maker Group

Hello Friends, 

I am taking the opportunity during these recent events with the virus to start a free group for families. These involve activities you can do around the house with supplies you already have at home with your child. We can learn from each other about at home activities. 

I will also have some fun activities for the moms! All is done using a private Facebook Group. Now, if you do not have a Facebook account – that is fine! Subscribe to our mailing list and we will send you link to access the live class.  We will have virtual paint party! 

Also, if you are interested, I am taking the opportunity to expand my business to include virtual activities from my business Fairythimbles – sewing and art courses. We will have the option to mail you the art supplies to make it easier for you and your children. All you need is to watch the virtual course. If you are interested, keep following my business. 

Here is our Facebook Group – Fairythimbles Makers Group. Join us! 

I am sure you have the following items on hand. If not, you can order them on amazon.

Art Supplies you need.. 

* Crayola Crayons 
*Mixed Media Pad 
*Sharpie Marker 
*Oil Pastel (optional)
*Mixed Media Paper
 *Tempera Paint  
* Acrylic Paint (optional) 
  – Americana Acrylic  or Apple Barrel 
*Chalk Pastel  
*Colored Construction Paper (optional)  
* And an excited artist! 

*This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a small commission at no cost to you, if you purchase using the link. *  

Interested in learning to Sew? 

We will dive into hand sewing and machine sewing! Again, we will also do hand sewing. No need for machines. 

Here’s what you need… 

* Sewing Machine , now if you are looking to purchase something to get you started. This is what I would recommend and it doesn’t cost a lot. Brother RLX3817 Full Size Sewing Machine, White (Renewed)
* Hand Sewing Needles  
* Sewing Thread  
*Embroidery Floss (optional) 
* Scissor
Fabric or some old sheets 
* pencil and ruler for measuring
* Pins 
*seam ripper 

We are also going to do some fun challenges for the kids. We are going to use lego’s and cardboard boxes. As a homeschool mom – this is something we have done in group setting. It was always fun and interesting to see the kids projects. 

Our First Live!

We are starting our first live meet up with some fun Octopus Line Drawing.  

When: March 15, 2020 
Time: Sunday,  4 pm 
Where: online – Facebook Group. 

What you would need: 
Mixed media paper or watercolor  paper 
Black waterproof marker 

What you’ll learn:
How to draw through observation. How to draw to show perspective and form and how to add texture with stippling and cross-hatching. 

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