The benefits of learning to sew…

The benefits of learning to sew…

 I have always love to make my own things as a child. I grew up watching my mother sew. She would either sew things for us or for her clients.

We make learning to sew fun! My mother and I love teaching kids and adults!

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There are so many benefits in learning to sew. Besides the obvious reason of being able to sew a button, hem a pants or mend a clothing, kids are learning the following things:

  1. Promotes consumer awareness – yes, it may be a heavy topic especially for the little ones. But, I believe it’s very important in today’s society. They learn how things are made. It’s so easy to go to the store and buy things when it’s broken. But, sewing teaches a child of the process and appreciate things. They learn to value things and actually will fix things before thinking of replacing it. 


2. Fine motor skills. Develop and mature their finger dexterity.

3. Find and build their confidence.

4. Problem solving – kids learn to troubleshoot their machine or project.

5. Brings math to life! All those seam allowance – fractions and measurements….

6. Learn a copious amounts of patience!

7. Meet new friends with the same interest! 😀


8. I almost forgot! Your child is not just learning to sew but they’re using their IMAGINATION! I have seen students come up with ideas that are so beautiful and amazing!


There are so many benefits to sewing!


Have I convinced you now? 

And, now what should you do? If you know how to sew and have the patience to teach your child, then go for it! Introduce your love for sewing and creating things to your child. Use this time as a way to bond and build memories with your little one.  

If you do not know how to sew, I recommend checking your local hobby store ( if we are far from you! 😉 ) But, if we are – feel free to call us! We are happy to assist! 

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