Virtual Paint Party or DIY kits

I am so excited to help you plan  your next event! I can help you with your virtual paint party or by providing you DIY kits for your next event (or fundraising). 

How it works? 

I offer step-by-step instructions via webex. Session is recorded so you can watch it later on. 

Cost is anywhere from $25 – $55. Depending on the project you choose. 
I can work with any budget, just let me know! 


All canvas comes pre-sketched for you. All supplies are included like paint brush, paper plate, water cup, gloves and acrylic paints. 

16×20 canvas – $30
11×14 – $20 

Sleepy Sloth 
16×20 canvas – $30
11×14 – $20 

Astronaut in Space
16×20 canvas – $30
11×14 – $20 

16×20 canvas – $30
11×14 – $20 

16×20 canvas – $35
11×14 – $20 

Porch leaners are 6 ft tall. 

$55 a kit

18 x 18 pallet board 

Porch leaner 6 ft. 

Surf Boards 

This is a 4 ft surf board for $45

Can be done on 18 inches for $30


DIY Kits comes with instructions. This is something you can do with your group on your own or I can happily assist you virtually. 

Price goes from $25 to $55 for wood based projects. 

Succulent Tiered Tray. Does not come with actual tray. The kit is sold for $30. This includes all the supplies you need to complete this project. 

Round Shiplap Interchangeable Sign. 
This will come with two inserts of your choice – normally seasonal. This is $35 for the set. 

Flower standw ith inserts – $30